In the pursuit of my ultimate goal of creating my own science fiction webseries, I spend a lot of time in the open-source software Blender. I started “blendering” five to six years ago now after I found out about the software, and it is now my most used program on my PC. I find it fascinating how anyone can download this free software and take an abstract idea and turn it into a virtual object that can be rigged, textured, and eventually move. You could even 3D print and turn that virtual creation into a reality!

I was heavily inspired by the absolutely amazing, musically haunting work of Umami and his project “Interface“. I highly recommend it. As a lover of fantasy, science fiction, and stories as a whole I knew I wanted to do something like it, and this fantastical idea eventually turned into the blog you are reading now.

As a child my father would show me endless movies and video games, from Crash Bandicoot to Lord of the Rings. My grandfather would read me books from his large armchair, like Treasure Island or Robinson Crusoe. This instilled in me a endless love for stories of all kinds, and to this day I am an avid reader. I have always wanted to tell my own story, one that would inspire its own fanbase of people just as passionate as me about the stories I love.

Where men cry.

So finally, after three paragraphs, the point of this blog post. I have begun blockout work on what I am currently calling a “Sarnath Guard”, though that may change in the future depending on how the model turns out. The Sarnath Guards patrol the street of the dark, futuristic megacity of Sarnath acting as a sort of police force/mafia. They are just as likely to harm you as protect you, depending on their interests. To this end, they are heavily modified by bio-mechanical/cybernetic augments. Below you can see a early blockout of the cybernetic arm of a guard:

Sarnath Guard Arm – Blockout

I am really liking how it’s coming out so far, and can’t wait to see how it turns out!