Did a lot of work on the arm last night and added a few tweaks after I got off work today. It’s looking really great, just has really basic materials at the moment. I feel like I should add some more tertiary details but its going to be paired with the armor and cloth sim, so I am not really sure about doing that just yet. I still have the non-destructive save so I can go back if needed.

Test render from today

I like the general shape it is taking, but the weird fatty cable running through the elbow joint is throwing me off a bit. I really like it in the design, but it just feels too large. Might run some quick smaller cables through it instead.

Going to rig it and do some test animations tonight, see how everything moves around. Needs to at least look functional. Will update this post with the moving rig if it works out. If no update is posted by tonight, it means I failed horribly and am screaming to the sky in despair.